Portals Origin

In 'Stick Figure Theater'


Matchead Rising

All seems routine in DANGERWORLD, the high-tech combat Virtual Reality Simulator. Storm the base, kill all the zombies, destroy the device, win the mission. But something's afoot, and unbeknownst to Smashead, it's not just their team playing the game.

Watch the first episode of DANGERWORLD, an animatic made from book one, Matchead Rising.


In the digital world, anything can happen. Travel to distant lands, gain victory in open combat, achieve peace in a simulated heaven, all from the comfort of your home. But what if it wasn't as safe as it seemed? What if something came back with you?

Watch our animatic short from book 4 of DANGERWORLD, Power Denied. Following Smashead's combat with FRED, Professor Portal is taken hostage as FRED looks for a willing victim to aid it's escape.

What Is Dangerworld?

In the distant future biologically designed workers, or Biogens, are made specifically for their jobs. While the biogens provide unlimited free labor, the rest of the population, free of any need to work, indulge in the many fantasy worlds of Hyper-Reality VR. Originally created for long distance space travel, the technology has split into a wide variety of virtual worlds.

The most popular however, is Danger World...

An unending and violent bloodsport simulator, Dangerworld is not only played, but watched by millions worldwide. It is the leading form of entertainment, where war and murder can be experience from the comfort and safety of home. Which is why it's a problem when a hostile entity begins taking control of it.